Specifications Global Denomination X11 Crypto-Currency

Specifications of Global Denomination
X11Hashing Algorithm For Profitable CPU / GPU Mining
Target of 1 Minute Block Times 40 GDN Block Reward 56 Million Total to be created (21 Million 1st Year) After 700k Blocks Block Reward Halves (+1 Year) Rewards Mature After 5 Blocks Kimoto Gravity Well For difficaulty adjustment Dedicated Dev Team For Currency Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Global Denomination on an exchange or is it going on an exchange?

We are already in talks with a few exchanges, we just need a successfull launch with a good network hashrate. One exchange has asked for 1 p2p Pool and 2 Mpos Pools to look at our currency. We already have one pool confirmed.

Can we purchase GDN from you directly?

After the launch of the currency, we will be able to offer this service as we have our own mining setup that will be mining GDN 24/7 from the launch. Contact us for details.

Will ASICs take over mining this currency?

No prior to our launch we decided to change to the X11 Hashing Algorithm to stop this from happening to ensure long and profitable CPU and GPU Mining for all.

Can i help with the devlopement of your currency?

As this is a decentralized currency we welcome all developers assisting with the growth of Global Denomination. We are always open to new members joining our dev team, please note this is not a paid position. We are all just working for the good of the community alongside us.

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