24hrs After Launch


We are very pleased with our launch day so far 24hrs hours in and we have 4 pools, and Exchange and we reached a network hashrate of 2GH/s.

We are in talks with more exchanges and we will be updating our bounty list in due course with the next stage of our development plans.

We need all of our miners to assist us in promoting GDN during our launch period and help us spread the word of Global Denomination. Facebook, Twitter and reddit posts will be tipped. Just let us know in gdtalk.org of the work you have been doing and a tip will follow shortly(leave your wallet address).

During the next 5 days, we will be stepping up our marketing and development of currency. Our aim is to create a currency that has rapid developemnts and we want to provide as many services as possible for your GDN.

Calling all Developers, we need you!. We are looking for dedicated inviduals with experience in the crypto currency scene to join us in creating service for Global Denomination.

We ant to be more involved in Global Denomination?

We are taking aplications for Mods for the official gdtalk.org Forum contact us and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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