A Crypto-Currency with a Bright Future

We are not like all the other cryptocurrencies out there, We offer the X11 Hashing Algorithm. We also offer total honesty and transparency with a public blockchain and our own gdtalk community. We guarantee there will be No Pump and Dumps from our dev team! Our aim is for Global Denomination to succeed and have a plan to make Global Denomination a major player in the cryptocurrency scene in the coming months. We are trying to build upon the solid foundations that Bitcoin and Litecoin have so kindly laid before us. We are a dedicated Dev Team working only on this crypto-currency and we are devoted to CPU and GPU Mining.

How To Set Up Your GDN Wallet / Miner

It really is very simple to get mining for GDN, Follow our fool proof guide below and you will be recieving GDN in no time at all!

Download Global Denomination Qt Wallet / Miner

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