Crypto Connecta Launched


Global Denomination Latest News Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

We have been hard at work on our latest project we are pleased to announce Crypto Connecta

We pleased to announce Crypto Connecta, we are aiming to bring together all crypto currency communities in one place as a central hub for all the latest Crypto Currency news and discussions. We do not require all of your personal info to sign up, we ONLY require your real name but this will not be publicly viewable or searchable (Usernames are displayed not your Real Name

Crypto Connecta Features

  • SSL Encryption
  • One account to use the 3 sections of the site.... Social Network, Forum and News Centre.
  • 400 Characters for status updates
  • Respectful of your Privacy - Usernames displayed not your Real Name and minimal sign up requirements.
  • Live Chat across the site with other online users with chat rooms for topical discussions
  • Responsive Website for viewing on mobile phones & Dedicated Mobile Menu for using the Forum
  • Guest News Desk Authors from Established Crypto Currency news outlets (Contact us if you want to get involved)
  • All Crypto Currency communities welcome
  • Live Prices of all major cryptocurrencies on the activity stream
  • Linked to our sister site (A Separate account is required) Let us know any feedback or suggestions you may have, we will respond as soon as possible

For all the latest news on what we are working on sign up on Crypto Connecta and you can also follow us on Twitter @GDenomination for all the latest news on what we are working on.

Thank you all for your continued support.

30th May Latest News


Global Denomination Weekly News Friday, May 30th, 2014

This week has been a very busy week for us on the Global Denomination Dev team. This week saw our re-launch v0..8.8.0 with our Fork to Digishield to stop the Multipool attacks on our network. The switchover went very well our Net Hash peaked at 3.8GH/s with all known pools and exchanges updating prior to launch to minimize downtime.

Our next development to be released to the public this week was our Paper wallet generator which can be found on We designed a simple Global Denomination branded paper wallet, the site then uses that as a template for your new GDN Addresses. This is the best way to store your GDN offline, away from any potential thieves.

GDN 2048 was also released to the public this week, this is a GDN branded version of the huge hit online puzzle game 2048. This Game has gone viral very quickly due to the fact it is hard to complete and is incredibly addictive.This game can be found on

Our Final Announcement of the week is the launch of our Official Pool With only 1 % fees and direct payment every 1.0 GDN. This Pool will be exclusively for mining GDN Only! We felt the need to create a Official pool as some pools have gone down recently and we wanted to reduce the chance of a 51 % Attack. The pool was also set up to ensure our users have a trustworthy Pool to mine on if anything should happen to their favoured pool.

Follow us on Twitter @GDenomination for all the latest news on what we are working on

Thank you all for your continued support.

GDN Digishield Fork Fixed, v. Re-Launch 25/05/2014! 16:00 GMT


GDN v. will officially be released on Sunday, May 25th, 2014

at this time

4:00 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

5:00 PM BST (London)

12:00 PM EDT (Detroit/New York)

11:00 AM CST (Chicago/Dallas)

6:00 PM CEST (Warsaw)


We deeply apologize for any lost mining time and confusion caused during this process, if you did not update to v0.8.7 and continued to mine after 42000 unfortunatly any GDN you mined after this point will be lost when you update to the v0.8.8.0 with DigiShield.

Thank you all for your continued support.

GDN Digishield Fork Fixed, v. Relaunch Details TBA


Our recent release of GDN v. was intended to perform a hard fork at block #42000 in order to swap out KGW with Digishield. As many of you may have noticed, this hard fork was unsuccessful and resulted in all v. wallets to be stuck at block #41999. As a result, we had to fix this flaw in the source code and update the network to v. To ensure the update would in fact perform as expected, we proceeded to test and carefully monitor the network privately, rather then immediately release v. to the public. During this time we were able to successfully make it through block #42000 and stabilize the network back to ~ 1 minute block times.

We are now finalizing testing by setting up a private test pool with a larger hashrate to ensure Digishield will recalculate the difficulty appropriately. Once we are able to confirm that Digishield is performing correctly we will announce a re-launch date and time through all of our normal channels (Bitcointalk, GDTalk, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc). This will be done to ensure all miners and pool operators have a fair chance to mine GDN when v. is released to the public.

We are currently on block #42035 and all blocks mined during this time will NOT be kept by us personally. We WILL setup a voting poll on our official forums at for community members to decide on what we will do with these newly minted GDN coins during this time ( We want to be transparent and as fair as possible, as we have no desire to unfairly keep these GDN coins.

Also, it is important to note, we noticed a significant hashrate of about 150 MH/s still mining on the oldest version v. Anybody mining on v. are mining on the original fork and all your coins past block #42000 will not be available when you switch to the new version.

We deeply apologize for any lost mining time and confusion caused during this process. Global Denomination is our number #1 priority and many of us have not slept in over 24 hours. Stay tuned as we announce the official re-launch and update to v. in the next few hours. Thank you for patience during this time.

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