GDN Digishield Fork Fixed, v. Relaunch Details TBA


Our recent release of GDN v. was intended to perform a hard fork at block #42000 in order to swap out KGW with Digishield. As many of you may have noticed, this hard fork was unsuccessful and resulted in all v. wallets to be stuck at block #41999. As a result, we had to fix this flaw in the source code and update the network to v. To ensure the update would in fact perform as expected, we proceeded to test and carefully monitor the network privately, rather then immediately release v. to the public. During this time we were able to successfully make it through block #42000 and stabilize the network back to ~ 1 minute block times.

We are now finalizing testing by setting up a private test pool with a larger hashrate to ensure Digishield will recalculate the difficulty appropriately. Once we are able to confirm that Digishield is performing correctly we will announce a re-launch date and time through all of our normal channels (Bitcointalk, GDTalk, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc). This will be done to ensure all miners and pool operators have a fair chance to mine GDN when v. is released to the public.

We are currently on block #42035 and all blocks mined during this time will NOT be kept by us personally. We WILL setup a voting poll on our official forums at for community members to decide on what we will do with these newly minted GDN coins during this time ( We want to be transparent and as fair as possible, as we have no desire to unfairly keep these GDN coins.

Also, it is important to note, we noticed a significant hashrate of about 150 MH/s still mining on the oldest version v. Anybody mining on v. are mining on the original fork and all your coins past block #42000 will not be available when you switch to the new version.

We deeply apologize for any lost mining time and confusion caused during this process. Global Denomination is our number #1 priority and many of us have not slept in over 24 hours. Stay tuned as we announce the official re-launch and update to v. in the next few hours. Thank you for patience during this time.

Are you mining ? Unforeseen issue in v.0.8.7


Tonight our Mandatory Update had a hard fork at block 42000, we were due to switch over from our patched KGW to Digishield. There was an unforseen issue with this switch over which caused all updated wallets to stop at block 41999. All of the Pools in our ANN had been contacted and were updated, These stopped on 41999 also.

A substantial number of GDN wallets / clients have not been updated to and are still mining with a hashrate of 150 MH/s Please stop mining as you will lose all mined GDN when you update to the fixed new version

As soon as we have a fixed this issue, we will post on our Twitter @Gdenomination and on here the link to download version .

We are hopefull of having a resolution to this situation within a few more hours.

If your are mining then you are on as the rest of network have stopped on 41999. Please Stop Mining and wait for version to be released very soon

Mandatory Update To 0.8.7


Tonight we announced our forthcoming hard fork at block 42000 to switch over from our patched KGW to Digishield.

Digishield should provide protection from multipools and avoid situations such as our network getting stuck on a block because of high difficaulty.

All decisions for this update were choosen by our community members in a week long voting period. Other Changes that were voted for this update were New Icons for transactions and harcoded nodes for easy syncing.

The Digishield Hard Fork Will Occur at Block 42000

Download the 0.8.7 Windows Wallet Now Download Here

Mandatory Update Coming This Week


Over the course of this week we will be holding polls on to decide on the features and changes we will be adding to the Global Denomination Network. Come join the community at and once you have signed up you will have access to our community chat box.

We have already had many ideas and suggestions for our update such as 30 second blocks with 20 GDN block rewards, Digishield, Cosmetic changes and Hardcoded Nodes.

Our community on gdtalk will be shaping the future of Global Denomination, dont miss out have your say and come join a friendly, committed community.

Currently we have penciled in the update for Friday 16th May


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