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Global Denomination Weekly News Friday, May 30th, 2014

This week has been a very busy week for us on the Global Denomination Dev team. This week saw our re-launch v0..8.8.0 with our Fork to Digishield to stop the Multipool attacks on our network. The switchover went very well our Net Hash peaked at 3.8GH/s with all known pools and exchanges updating prior to launch to minimize downtime.

Our next development to be released to the public this week was our Paper wallet generator which can be found on www.globaldenomination.org We designed a simple Global Denomination branded paper wallet, the site then uses that as a template for your new GDN Addresses. This is the best way to store your GDN offline, away from any potential thieves.

GDN 2048 was also released to the public this week, this is a GDN branded version of the huge hit online puzzle game 2048. This Game has gone viral very quickly due to the fact it is hard to complete and is incredibly addictive.This game can be found on www.globaldenomination.org

Our Final Announcement of the week is the launch of our Official Pool gdpool.org With only 1 % fees and direct payment every 1.0 GDN. This Pool will be exclusively for mining GDN Only! We felt the need to create a Official pool as some pools have gone down recently and we wanted to reduce the chance of a 51 % Attack. The pool was also set up to ensure our users have a trustworthy Pool to mine on if anything should happen to their favoured pool.

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Thank you all for your continued support.

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