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    Enables instant payments to anyone in the world for incredibly low fees or no fee at all. 1 minute blocks, 40 GDN block reward, The Global Denomination Network is scheduled to produce a total of 56 million GDN. Contact UsLearn More
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Global Network

Our network provides fast transaction confirmations (1 minute on average) and uses the X11 algorithm with DigiShield. Which is more energy efficient and ensuring that regular computers and GPUs most people already have can mine for GDN.

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Fast Transactions

Global Denomination uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of GDN is carried out collectively by the network with very low fees. Worldwide Transactions are instant and require 6 only confirmations across 6 blocks (6 Mins on Avg).

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Community Driven

Global Denomination is decentralized, but as a community we will vote on decisions in the best interests of the currency. We have our own community forum where users, traders and miners can discuss many subjects and vote in polls for suggestions and devlopments. Learn More

Latest News

New GUI Wallet + Extra Features

Written by Global Denomination Dev Team  /  Published: Monday, 21 July 2014


The Global Denomination dev team have a lot of plans going forward and aim to be the leading X11 algorithm crypto currency that is “anti-anonymous” We believe there is no need for extra anonymous features and we also understand there is a need for regulation in some form to stop money laundering, fraud etc. As a “non-anonymous” crypto currency in the future Global Denomination will aim to comply with laws and regulations as they are made in as many countries as possible to make it easier for our users and merchants to comply.


Global Denomination dev team is pleased to announce a fully redesigned Qt wallet is now available for all systems. Pre-Compiled Windows, Mac OSX and Linux wallets are available to be downloaded from http://www.globaldenomination.org. Please Note: This is not a mandatory update but you will be missing out on our new features.

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